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2023 Highlight: A Day with Whoopi

Hey Ladies, so one of my favorite highlights of 2023 was being able to do Whoopi's makeup for Cannabis Cactus magazine. I am STILL trying to process this whole experience. So here's the story time. If you know me you know of my mentor thee Karen Dupiche. Karen has known me since I was in high school, when I was only allowed to wear clear mascara. As God would have it, which I did not know then that God was positioning me to be in a circle that would one day benefit me. With time Karen took me under her wing and I became her assistant. I was her assistant for about a year before I "graduated" to being able to apply makeup alone to her celebrity clientele/referrals. Maybe I will let you guys in on the day I graduated and also had the flu. So fast forward to Mother's Day 2023, Karen reached out to me and asked if I would be able to do her client's makeup for a family photoshoot. Of course I agreed (if I am not booked, I always agree, Karen saved my makeup life), I am thinking a "do & go" for some holiday photos or something. However that was very small thinking on my part. Later on that week I found out that it was for Whoopi. This was not my first time meeting her or being in her presence, again my mentor is the 4X Emmy Award winning makeup artist for the View. So I am accustomed to being around her clientele as well as the "celebrity clientele" I've created for myself. But let me be very clear, doing Whoopi's makeup alone is next level.

So, I get the details, meet up with the Glamily for our 5:00 am call time and I am ready to rock and roll. It was not until I began working that day that I learned it was a photoshoot for a magazine. Excuse me ? Then not just any magazine, a premier cannabis magazine at that. God was really showing out. So we arrive to the shoot in NYC, I complete my set up and touch-ups, enjoy craft services, which is my favorite part of shoot days; FREE food. I took BTS, met the other features of the magazine, Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives and her gorgeous family. Overall my day was amazing and one I would never forget. I have not a single complaint outside of I am always tired after shoot days. I don't know how I did 3-4 shoots back to back in the beginning of my career. I take a nap after EVERY shoot now and I can only do one a day.

At the end of our last shot, I told Whoopi that Sister Act 2 went 4x Diamond at my house and I appreciate every bit of this moment. The little girl in me still can't believe it. Some may call that disbelief imposter syndrome. However, I would not. It's never about if I feel I am deserving because I know I am deserving of all the great things God has for me plus I have paid my dues and some. But let's be real, to be able to share my gifts with those that I admire, for them to ask me about my daughter, etc. is only something God could do. And often, God's plans executed in my life blows my mind.

With deep love,

Jessica Elizabeth

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