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Introducing BK's Favorite - KE Luxgloss, the perfect pink gloss for any makeup enthusiast. This vegan formula is not only long-wearing, but also incredibly moisturizing, leaving your lips feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. Named after my daughter's favorite color, this gloss can stand alone with a plum lip liner for a subtle pop of pink, or can be layered on top of your favorite pink lipstick for a more intense finish. Add this luxurious gloss to your collection and give your lips the attention they deserve.

BK's Favorite - KE Luxgloss

  • All of our luxglosses are vegan and cruelty free.

    For long lasting shelf life, store lux gloss in a cool, even temperature place. To keep the consistency of the gloss if you are layering it on top of another lipstick, gloss or stain use a disposable lip wand. 

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