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BTS with LoveLee Wine

Hey Ladies !

How have ya'll been? Is it me or is 2024 giving it has a little 2023 left in it ? Anywho, let's get going. So, back in November my good sis and day one client Aamira hit me up and pretty much told me she needed the King Elizabeth treatment for her wine launch. Of course I agreed, mainly because Aamira is my girl from way back. See, Aamira and I know each other from childhood, you guys know how it was back in the 90s where you had to keep and foster friendships by communicating face to face, what a time to be alive. Also before I was a full time makeup artist I met with Aamira about launching product and marketing to become a full time artist (I still remember the gems from that meeting almost ten years ago). So not only has she been a loyal client, she's also been a great girlfriend. My loyal clients know, I will climb mountains for them.

So, originally I was supposed to apply and fly. However I decided to stay for the shoot and I had a blast. Aamira put together an amazing team for the launch of her Elevate collection (coming in March). I believe this was a full circle moment for both Aamira and I, and I am grateful I got to be there. I did Aamira's makeup for the launch of her first LoveLee wine collection back in 2016, from that moment until now we have both grown as women, mothers, and of course entrepreneurs. Being a makeup artist allows me the ability to be woven into life's most precious moments and I will always be appreciative of that. From 2016 until now we both have been able to create a lane in our respective industries for black women to experience luxury and flourish. I am proud of us for that.

Shoot Day:

So, I was extremely tired that day, but I am always going to show up and show out when duty calls. I got in the house so late the night before from the recording studio, as I am currently in the process of recording theme music for my makeup tutorials. So, I really showed up feeling like a struggling rapper for real. Once I arrived at the location, I set up, applied her beat and went straight to the free and delicious donuts provided. After that and Aamira making me drink a delicious glass of Cava, we danced to Beyonce because we are both VIP Bey-Hive members; and that was all we needed to get the work party started. Aamira killed it at her shoot, we did about three looks and I can not wait for the drop of her new wine collection. I was able to try the Regal Rose' that will be launching in March. Ladies and even Gents, the taste is amazing, I don't think I have ever tried a Rose' that was so light and delicate. The fresh strawberry and raspberry notes were present throughout and I enjoyed it until the last drop. I am looking forward for the world to try it and for me to try it again too. If you're interested in purchasing some of her premium California dry wines, supporting or following Aamira and her LoveLee journey to taking over the wine industry follow @loveleewine on Instagram or you can go directly on her website and tell them Jess sent you.

With deep love,

Jessica Elizabeth

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