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Meet The Team: Ambrose, the King of Content

Oh We Talkin’ Teams!?

Hello, Hello, Hello Ladies and Gents, how are you all doing? I have been well. Lately I have been focused on really creating a better work/life balance. If you know me you know I am always on the go, thinking of the next thing and scratching things off my To-do List. Yes, I still make lists and use a planner. However, let’s be clear, nothing really gets done without the team. So, because I am not stingy, I would like to share with you all some of the people that help me get the job done so that I can focus on the things I really want to do.

First person up is Ambrose. Ambrose is my content guy, photographer, videographer and essentially the Robin to my Batman. I create crazy ideas in my head and thankfully he’s always down to show up and indulge in the craziness. Ambrose started out as my photographer for my family photos. Every year since Brooklyn was born we have taken our holiday photos with Ambrose. From there, he became my family and friends resident photographer and videographer. A year or so ago, I reached out and asked Ambrose if he would be willing to begin shooting for King Elizabeth, and thankfully he said yes. Since then, we’ve been rocking and rolling.

Ambrose is always professional, on time, willing to try and learn, as well as teach. Often times I am left so impressed by his growth and determination to do more and be more. So, if you have ever came across this site, my Instagram, or even wondered who took my amazing holiday photos ? All roads lead to Ambrose. If you are ever in need or want of new head shots, photography or videography needs, don’t hesitate to call the best. That’s what the B in Ambrose stands for btw.

Everyone say “Hi, Ambrose”.

Follow him on Instagram and tell him King sent you. @ambrosebphotos

Happy Wednesday Loves,

Jessica Elizabeth

Owner of King Elizabeth Makeup Artistry

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