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Hello Ladies,

How are you guys feeling ? Happy Lover's Day and Week to you all, I pray that you were surrounded by unconditional love and it was felt deeply. You deserve all the good things God has for you. I spent my Valentine's Day doing one of the many things I love, glamming up my clients for life events, first dates, last dates etc.

Any who, let's get into it, the last few months I have been working triple overtime to secure some goals that I have professionally and personally. Often time's I need a reminder that it all does not have to be done right now. As long as God sees you doing the work, He will match the energy put forth. As we all know faith without work is dead. Have you felt the urge with business or personal goals to go into over drive ? Have you been neglecting yourself ? Can you remember the last time you dressed up just because or treated yourself to something without a holiday or sufficient reason attached to it? One of my many goals for this year was to start getting back to the new me, if that makes sense. I would say the old me, but old Jessica was not running two successful businesses, with a toddler in tow, a retired parent, etc. So, the new me is the same just with added extras to balance.

So, my goal is to treat myself more, just because, dress up and beat this face on a random Wednesday because I can. I am no longer waiting for a reason to do anything that I would like to do. Because waiting would insinuate that time is passing by, and I wish to use my time to live freely, happily and while whole. I hope you ladies choose to do the same. We deserve a break. A smoke break, an expensive lunch break, a vacation break, etc. and please do not let anyone (you included) make you feel guilty about it.

With Deep Love,

Jessica Elizabeth

BK's Mother, Owner of King Elizabeth Makeup Artistry and BKLYN Swim Club, God-Fearing, Angela's Daughter, Samira's sister, and a host of other titles...including a self lover.

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