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Your Vote Matters: SuperMom Competition

Your Vote Matters: Welcome to Motherhood

“Welcome to Motherhood” is a tag line my mom has always said to family and friends, even strangers at times when referring to the love, sacrifice and depth of what motherhood truly is. Motherhood looks different for all of us. There’s not enough preparation in the world that could align you perfectly for such a journey. No matter if you became a mother through surrogacy, natural birth, C-section, adoption, “step”-parenting or by mothering children that have parents already but need that extra nugget of love and sometimes rearing.

Most recently I have been taking in the joys of motherhood more often. Trying to remember all the little things and not just focusing on the big things that surround Brooklyn (Big Girl BK). Because she was born in the thick of Covid, I was able to maintain the balance of motherhood and entrepreneurship a little better. Once, the world opened back up, I feel like there was so much to catch up on as business owner/service provider, that I began to not focus on the small joys and wins and only paid attention to the major milestones. Before Brooklyn was born I made her a g-mail account for all of our friends and family to send her little notes as she grows, well wishes, pictures and videos of her first everything and when she’s old enough she will receive her e-mail and passwords and be able to log into her virtual scrap book. My family has also done this for my little sister (who’s now in her mid-20s) and my nieces. The other day I checked her e-mail and realized the last e-mail I sent was from her first day of school and prior to that her second birthday. So many small joys have happened since then and in between. Like the first time she told me she likes me, Her first time completing homework by herself, when she learned how to write and spell her name, all of the inside jokes between her and her grandmother that makes me laugh hard. Even things like her weekly mani and pedis or the protest she puts up every night to not sleep in her bed. Those are the little things I pray I remember forever and continue to take in no matter how hectic life gets.

A month ago, I entered a contest called “Supermom”, a few clients and friends sent it to me stating that they thought I should enter. I was very apprehensive as I am not a contest person, also the contest at the time had only one question to enter and become a finalist. I definitely did not think I would make it to the finals but I did. The question was, what makes you a supermom? I don’t consider myself a supermom or at least I didn’t because I look at other mothers and am inspired by the way they are able to mother through many storms without their children getting wet. It was not until this competition that I sat and thought about my journey thus far in motherhood and how I have actually been mothering however, I never looked at it as such. Well, I made it to the finals, and voting starts today at 1:00 pm. There is only one day of voting that takes place. I am now in the running to win $20,000, a feature in World’s Women’s Magazine and a trip to Palm Springs. So, I am humbly asking you all to vote for me by clicking the link below. As a thank you, although I said no sales this year, use code SUPERMOMEBOOK for 50 percent off my new E-Book and SUPERMOM for 50 percent off my Royal Treatment Service. Thank you again for taking the time out to read my blog posts. The feedback has been amazing, and I am grateful. Let’s pray to God I win so we can really turn 2024 up.

Happy Monday Ladies + Gents,

- Jessica Elizabeth

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